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5-500t rubber tire container gantry cranes / rtg crane 【brief】: rtg tyre crane is composed of gantry, lifting trolley, crane travelling mechanism, cab and electric control system the gantry is of boxed-shape structure, the girder is bias track double girder and the leg is type u. An overhead crane, also known as a bridge crane, is a type of crane where the hook-and-line mechanism runs along a horizontal beam that itself runs along two widely separated rails often it is in a long factory building and runs along rails along the building's two long walls. Container gantry crane, mobile crane, hoist crane manufacturer / supplier in china, offering a type double main girder gantry crane for container, 40t ladle transfer towed cable powered trackless transfer cart material trolley, material transport 40tons motorized trailing cable powered rail flat transfer car wagon and so on.

Main products: gantry crane, electric hoist , chain hoist , electric block , port crane: mgmt certification: iso 9001, iso 9000, qc 080000 city/province: taizhou, jiangsu gbm 40ton container gantry crane rail type portal container crane. Specifications and control of container gantry crane there are mainly two types of container gantry cranes: rail mounted gantry crane (abbreviated as rmg) and rubber tyred gantry crane (abbreviated as rtg)the lifting capacities of cranes are 305 ton, 35 ton, 405 ton, 45 ton and 50 ton etc. Upper rotation container gantry crane upper rotation container gantry crane lifting section can do 270 rotating to place container at any angle, can also be longitudinal and transverse walking on a fixed track as same as rail-mounted container gantry crane. Container cranes at shanghai port a container crane (also container handling gantry crane or ship-to-shore crane ) is a type of large dockside gantry crane found at container terminals for loading and unloading intermodal containers from container ships.

A type double girder gantry crane is a kind of widely used gantry crane, and it mainly consists of trolley, crane traveling mechanism, electric system, main beam, supporting legs, end beams, trolley traveling mechanism, lifting mechanism, cabin and so on this kind of crane can be used for lifting and moving heavy loads in open storage, stock. Rail container gantry crane is divided into different types according to the structure of main girder and door legs and the anti-rolling device adopted one is relative to the shore container cranes , t he second is the rail container gantry cranes. The crab of rail type can rotate and the over crab can pass the gantry legs making the scope of operations wide and flexible hengyuan group has rich container crane for sale experience, which is a well-known supplier manufacturer among so many container gantry crane manufacturers in china. A container crane (also container handling gantry crane or ship-to-shore crane) is a type of large dockside gantry crane found at container terminals for loading and unloading intermodal containers from container ships.

Rail type container gantry crane in addition to the lifting mechanism has its special choice, the car running mechanism and supporting agencies and other institutions of bridge type, type of gantry crane are basically the same. A mobile gantry crane on rails that is used for moving and stacking containers within the stacking areas of a container terminal rail mounted gantry cranes span up to 50 metres, are capable of lifting a container above five stacked containers and have the ability to complete twelve to 15 moves per hour. The crane supplier may suggest a rail but if he does not, then as a minimum he should supply the head width of the rail in designing or checking an installation it is our practice to try to check that the rail will be suitable, ie. Rail mounted container gantry cranes (rmg)are specialized yard container handling machinesan rmg travels on rails to lift and stack 20,40 and other iso containers in the yard area of the container terminalthe container is lifted by a spreader attached to cablesrail mounted cranes come in a variety of models with different spans and overhangs.

Container terminal gantry crane by change of mind crane is used to transfer containers from trucks onto trains and vice-versa it is originally designed to fit across 6 rails, as is the original from main crane prop) crane car prop) spreader prop (low). Production capacity more than 50 r&d personnel with advanced science and technology more than 600 staff, and covers 200,000 square meters independent intellectual property rights to develop energy-saving overhead cranes, gantry cranes, electric winch and electric hoist. A container crane (also container handling gantry crane ) is a type of large dockside gantry crane found at container terminals for loading and unloading intermodal containers from container ship. Rubber type container gantry crane applies to international standard container transporting, loading and unloading at the container yard and railway container depots, with stable performance, high efficiency and ease maintenance having proper safety instructions and overload protection.

A gantry crane is a type of crane that is supported by one (semi gantry) or two legs and it straddles it's workload gantry cranes are typically wheeled and may or may not run on rails a workstation or portable gantry crane is a very versitle gantry. Gantry cranes are vital to the operational processes in any industrial environment, so it is important to correctly design and install a crane system that will ensure operating at maximum efficiency and without expensive downtime.

Container gantry cranes are mainly used for container ports to move, load and unload containers in rail station good yards, port, outside stores,etc, which mostly feed container carriers and handle containerized cargo, which are loaded or unloaded by different port container cranes or container handling equipments, especially by rmg rtg. Gantry crane specification 1 technical specification 62t (2x32t) cxts single girder goliath crane @ 23 m span cxts single girder crane girder type crane main girder(s),hoist, trolley, drives and electrification other standard features (included in supply) - overload limiting device. Rail mounted gantry crane (rmg crane) is widely used for loading and unloading containers in the container port and rail yards consisting of steel frame, hoisting mechanism, minimum slewing mechanism, spreader anti-shaking mechanism, crane travel mechanism, trolley traverse mechanism, container spreader, electrical equipment and other.

container gantry crane rail type main Container gantry crane is a type of large wharf gantry crane which at container terminals for loading and unloading intermodal containers it is available with span of 5~8 containers wide (plus a truck width) and with lifting height from 1 over 3 to 1 over 6 containers high.
Container gantry crane rail type main
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